Who is Find Help NI? 


Find Help NI is a not for profit organisation, which has been created by experienced counsellors, to help our community find the right help, at the right time. Through our years of front line experience working with people in crisis or despair, we recognised the need for a joined up approach to wellbeing that looks at the whole person, and everything in that person's life that contributes to their sense of wellbeing. 



Find Help NI believes our wellbeing is impacted by everything from our financial challenges to our physical health, from being creative to getting a good sleep pattern, from our housing situation to our family networks. From social connections to support with disabilities, from education and training to coping with trauma. 


There are many dimensions to our wellbeing, and all these dimensions contribute to a healthy life.




Who is Find Help NI For?


Find Help NI is for anyone in NI who wants to improve their mental health, wellbeing and day to day life. Find Help NI is for you and for me, our loved ones, our colleagues and helpers in our community. Connecting our community with the right help at the right time, and providing inspiring stories and resources to help improve the wellbeing of everyone across Northern Ireland.



If you are on a journey of recovery and wish to maintain and enhance your mental health, Find Help NI provides valuable psychoeducation, self-help resources, practical tips, and support networks to empower you in your ongoing recovery process.



If you are proactive about your mental health and wellbeing and are interested in learning more about self-help techniques, strategies, and resources. Find Help NI offers a wealth of information, educational materials, and practical tools to help you optimise your overall well being. 


Individuals in Crisis:

If you are going through a difficult time and don't know where to start in improving your mental health and wellbeing, Find Help NI offers guidance, resources, and a directory of services to assist you in finding the help you need.


"Helpers" in our Community:

If you play the role of a "Helper" within your community or workplace, and often need to direct individuals to additional sources of support, Find Help NI equips you with reliable information and referral options.



If you are a professional working with clients or service users in Northern Ireland and would like to provide ongoing support between service or after your service ends. Find Help NI can help bridge the gap by offering resources and alternative avenues of assistance. By adding your organisation to our directory you can reach a wider audience and by collaborating with us you can showcase your services and resources. Find Help NI provides a platform for collaboration, sharing resources, and connecting with other professionals. 


No matter your circumstances or position, Find Help NI simplifies the process of finding health, wellbeing, and support resources in Northern Ireland. Created by mental health professionals in NI, we aim to empower individuals and create a community of proactive help seekers. Our mission is not only to connect people with the help they need nearby, but also to inspire all of us, with the knowledge and tools to support ourselves and the people around us.


Our Mission


  • Our mission at Find Help NI is to put health and wellbeing in the hands and pockets of every single person in Northern Ireland. 

  • Connecting our community to people, services, and organisations that can help, through a comprehensive online directory with all NI’s fantastic services in one place. 

  • Inspiring people to take control of their health and wellbeing through information, education, helpful resources, inspiring blogs and content that will benefit Wellbeing & Mental Health

Find Help NI wants to be part of a bigger picture of creating a collaborative and joined up Northern Ireland, who puts the health and wellbeing of our community at the centre of everything it does. Helping to create a motivated and inspired nation of help seekers, who know where to find help and how to also help themselves and their loved ones. 


How You Can Get Involved!

Find Help NI believes in the power of sharing personal stories and we want to hear where people are and where they’ve come from when it comes to their mental health. In a world which can feel overwhelming, challenging and sometimes difficult to navigate, reading and sharing lived experiences can help us feel less alone.

If you have a story to tell or guidance to give as a professional, join the conversation in making mental health a topic we can talk about together.

If you’re a Northern Ireland based mental health or wellbeing organisation, join us to get featured on our directory. There is no fee for services which are offered through funded or subsidised initiatives. 


Our Funders


If you are experiencing distress or are in a mental health crisis please contact
Lifeline on 0808 808 8000


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