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This page is to support anyone struggling with money or living / housing issues, or who cares for someone going through financial difficulties.


Many people experience problems with their finances at some stage of their lives. A person may unexpectedly lose their job or become ill and therefore have difficulties meeting their existing financial commitments such as loans, credit card payments and general household bills. This is when debt can begin to have the "snowball effect" where it gets bigger and bigger and more difficult to deal with.


Money and housing worries can have a negative impact on people’s mental health as it can cause chronic stress. Chronic stress can lead to mood swings, low energy and a general feeling of anxiety. When an individual has money concerns they often find it difficult to share the problem with family members for fear of being judged. It is important to remember that any one of us can experience financial difficulties in our lifetime but with help and specific tools the situation can be improved.

If you are struggling with debt or any other financial concerns we hope you will find some support here, and ideas and tips for moving forward and improving your financial situation. If you love or care for someone who has money worries, perhaps you will find some helpful content here to help support that person.

As a first step often it can be helpful to check what benefits you may be entitled to!

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In moments of need, there’s always someone there for you. Before calling a helpline, check the opening times by clicking to their website. It can help to check if the call is free or if there’s a cost involved before calling.


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We want to encourage everyone to get involved in creating a shared, community resource for this topic. You can have an impact by submitting a helpful resource, video, insightful advice, an anonymous "My Experience" article to help people feel less alone, or anything that you feel would be of benefit for someone who is struggling with the cost of living, homelessness or debt.  

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