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Having a sense of belonging is at the very core of our wellbeing.  Knowing where we fit in this world has a huge impact on how we feel about ourselves.  So many external factors can either help or hinder this process - the support network we have around ourselves, our relationships, friendships, our career, the society in which we live, others attitudes or prejudices. 


Not all of us who identify as LGBTQIA will struggle through our personal journeys, but some of us will and it’s about supporting those of us who are unsure of where to turn along the way, to feel a little less alone and more seen, heard and accepted - for exactly who we are.

Finding people you trust to understand you and how you experience your world right now can, at times, feel like an impossible task, plunging you into a world of isolation.  There may be times when you just need to say some really difficult stuff out loud and not want anyone's opinion or feedback, you just need to experience owning some of your feelings and practice saying and hearing them out loud in your own voice - without fearing judgement, prejudice or consequences.

Whatever your journey, we hope that we can help give you a safe space to start.  We hope some of the resources, links, blogs, personal stories you will find here might help provide some support to help you feel less alone and more connected to a wider community out there, ready and able to hear, support and celebrate YOU.



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Other Helpful Resources


Consider if you'd like to browse privately: These resources often link to external Websites like YouTube, or Amazon for example, which save certain information about your browsing history. If you'd like to check out these resources but you'd like to keep your browsing private or are concerned for your safety, please consider using incognito mode - this will allow you to view all content without the risk of exposing your browsing history. 



  • The Rainbow Project - Safe Binding & Packing Advice
  • The Rainbow Project - What is internalised homophobia?, Internalised homophobia and oppression can have a huge impact on your mental health, as well as influence your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.
  • CaraFriend - Mental Health Guidance For LGBTQ+ Young People - an informative booklet with exercises and activities that allow a young person to explore their mental health (PDF Download)
  • Carafriend - Step Up, Speak Out! Anti-Bullying Resource -  for young people who find themselves the victim of bullying within a school and or youth environment. It aims to help you recognise bullying behaviour in peers, what you can do about it and how you can stop it. (PDF Download)
  • Carafriend - Coming Out Guidance for Young People - to help you through the often difficult period of “coming out”. It is designed for anyone who identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, queer or any other sexual orientation or gender identity. (PDF Download)
  • Carafriend - Parent and Carers Resource, Developed to help parents/carers navigate the sometimes difficult road they may find themselves on when dealing with child or young person who questions their sexual orientation and/or gender identity, or who identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or transgender. (PDF Download)
  • What is Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV?- Further information about PrEP can be found at Further information on PrEP can be found at Prepster
  • Sexual Health NI - STI Risks for Men who have sex with men (MSM)
  • More Coming Soon! Do you have any suggestions? Join the Conversation at the bottom of this page!



  • More Coming Soon! Do you have any suggestions? Join the Conversation at the bottom of this page!





  • The Rainbow Project - Northern Ireland - A short video highlighting some of The Rainbow Project's services and work representing LGBT+ people in Northern Ireland.
  • Sexualities Explained - There's a lot of terminology to learn out there, and sometimes all this new vocabulary can feel a tad overwhelming. But this terminology largely exists to give people a place to belong and help them find/define their identity. Kyle De'Volle takes us through some of this terminology to help us all become better allies.
  • Get to know HERe NI - An introduction video to HERe NI, a community organisation that supports lesbian and bisexual women and their families across Northern Ireland.
  • Divers-e-tea podcast | Meet Cara Friend | ep 01 - Jemma from Diverse Talent speak with Jo from Cara-Friend about why inclusion matters, coming out to peers, anti-bullying workshops, and the makeup of Northern Ireland's equality landscape.
  • My Coming Out Story - growing up gay in northern ireland - Gay Astray tells his coming out story, including how he realised from a young age that he was gay, how he navigated his teenage years in a small Northern Irish town as a Catholic and how he told his family.
  • "Becoming Cherrie": a Fight for Gay Survival in Northern Ireland - A documentary about Matthew, also known as Northern Irish drag queen Cherrie Ontop, and how his diagnosis as HIV-positive aged 21 and struggling to find acceptance in Northern Ireland helped him create his alter ego.
  • Kicked out of home because of my sexuality - In this video you can hear Zeph's story about being rejected by your family because of your sexuality. No one should be rejected because of their sexuality. But unfortunately many young people find themselves in Zeph's situation.
  • Coming Out LGBTQ+ - This animated short shows the story of a boy questioning his crushes and sexuality while also finding the courage to confide in a family member.
  • Zoteria | LGBTQ+ Hate Crime Reporting App - An introduction to the app Zoteria. Zoteria is designed to empower our community, and allies, to tackle LGBTQ+ hate crime together.
  • Hate Crime Advocacy Service - A video explaining what the Hate Crime Advocacy Service is and how it can help victims of hate crime in Northern Ireland.
  • #Voices - Dan Peters, advocate for The Rainbow Project, N.I - This video from the PSNI features Dan Peters, LGB&T Hate Crime Advocate with The Rainbow Project, who explains how you can benefit from advocacy if you are the victim of hate crime.
  • Michael Steven of TransPrideNI shares experiences with Dublin #TransPride - In this recording of an address at Dublin's Custom House, Michael highlights the significant difference to LGBTQIA+ rights between the north and south of the Irish border.
  • 6 Ways To Support Someone Who Came Out (LGBT) - If a friend or loved one chooses to come out to you, it means they’ve trusted you enough to share this very important part of themselves. While the new information might come as a surprise at first, understand that their sexuality makes them no less of the person you love and appreciate. This video gives advice on how to support someone who has chosen to come out to you.
  • More Coming Soon! Do you have any suggestions? Join the Conversation at the bottom of this page!



Find Help Near You - LGBTQIA+


There are many support agencies in Northern Ireland who specialise in providing support to support people to live a more fulfilled and content life. Everyone is different and some people may benefit from increasing their social interaction, gaining employment, counselling or becoming more active outdoors. Browse our directory to find local organisations to explore and consider reaching out.

We currently do not accept requests for ongoing support from us.
Instead, please browse or search our directory to find the most appropriate service for your needs to ensure you
get the best support possible.


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