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How Can Beat Help Me?

25 January 2023

Beat Eating Disorders

Beat provide support services for anyone affected by an eating disorder, including those caring for somebody.

Beat Eating Disorders

Beat Eating Disorders

Beat provide support services for anyone affected by an eating disorder, including those caring for somebody. Their services are available to anyone, including phone and email Helplines and one-to-one webchat, open every day from 9am – 8pm on weekdays and 4pm – 8pm on weekends and bank holidays. They run anonymous online support groups for different diagnoses, for carers and a general daily group for anyone with an eating disorder.

They also offer a number of telephone-based guided self-help and coaching services, as well as online training for those caring for people with eating disorders, both personally and professionally. 

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What can I expect from Beat’s services?

We offer a supportive and non-judgemental space for all those affected by eating disorders. If you use our email or telephone Helplines or one-to-one webchat, you can share anything you might be going through and our advisors are trained to provide advice about your next steps and a listening ear. 

Our online support groups are anonymous, moderated spaces where you can talk with others who have similar experiences to you, either around a topic offered by Beat or as a free chat. 

If you join any of our guided self-help or coaching services, you’ll work one-on-one with an advisor over a set time period, usually via weekly calls of around half an hour.

Tell me more about your specific services?

We offer a range of non-judgemental supports for sufferers, carers and professionals dealing with eating disorders, including our helpline, website resources, our e-learning platform and specific support programmes.

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Nexus is a telephone-based coaching service for anyone caring for someone with an eating disorder. Nexus allows you to connect each week for 12 weeks with a trained Beat advisor, who’ll provide you with a place to talk through what you’re going through and empower you to help your loved one towards positive change. The aim isn’t to tell you what you should be doing, but for you and your assigned advisor to develop a safe, confidential and supportive space where your advisor will act as a sounding board, guiding you to finding your own solutions as well as offering practical techniques to help motivate positive change in your loved one.


Endeavour is a free video-based peer support group for parents/carers supporting a young person aged 5-15 with ARFID. It gives you the opportunity to share your feelings and get support from others in a similar situation. Endeavour runs over an eight-week period and during this time a Beat Programme Officer will facilitate conversations around a number of relevant topics such as communication, treatment options, caring styles and much more.

Raising Resilience

Raising Resilience, a series of online workshops for carers that take place live over Zoom. Along with others caring for someone with an eating disorder, you’ll learn new skills from an experienced eating disorder clinician. There are five workshops in total, which cover motivational techniques to help with recovery, setting boundaries, and how to support your loved one during mealtimes and at each stage of their recovery. The final workshop gives you a chance to meet again with your group, discuss any progress and ask any questions you might have.


Developing Dolphins

A set of workshops based on the principles of the New Maudsley Method. These sessions are focused on increasing understanding of eating disorders and developing strategies to aid recovery, along with an element of peer support.

Harnessing Hope

A skills workshop specifically designed for carers whose loved on has been suffering with an eating disorder for 5+ years. Delivered over 5 weeks by an experienced eating disorder clinician, you will learn more about the impact of long-term eating disorders, as well as the tools and skills needed to support your loved one's recovery.


The POD is our online learning platform for friends and family of people suffering from an eating disorder. It has loads of e-learning modules, support forums, workshops etc. to help you support your loved one. There is also the opportunity to talk to a clinician experienced in eating disorders to ask any more specific questions you may have. This chat takes place each Monday and Friday from 1pm-2pm.


A training platform for anyone who works within a UK primary or secondary school, or sixth form college within an educational role. This includes those who do work on a 1-to-1 or groups basis with young people (including teachers, school nurses, counsellors, Behaviour Outreach Support Officers and Education Mental Health Practitioners). The primary goal of SPOT is to help inform education professionals on how to identify the early warning signs of eating disorders in school-aged young people. and it also encompasses a range of interaction eLearning modules, monthly sessions and interactive webinars delivered by our expert clinicians.

How long can a person receive support for?

There is no limit to how often you can use Beat’s Helplines, one-to-one webchat, or online support groups. Some services are designed to run over a set time period – depending on the service, this is about eight to twelve weeks.

Are there any waitlists?

There are no waitlists for our phone and email helplines, one-to-one webchat, or online support groups, although sometimes when our lines are busy you may have to wait longer to get through to an advisor. For some of our services, including Solace, and Raising Resilience, there are limited places available, and pre-booking is necessary. If you would like to sign up to Nexus, we ask that you register your interest and we will discuss your circumstances with you to work out if the service is right for you before offering you a place.

Do I have to pay?

All of Beat’s services are free to users.


How do I get involved in your services?

Visit this section of Beat's website to learn more about the services Beat offers. You may also wish to visit our Training and Events page for all our latest offerings.

Reach out to a trained advisor via Beat's NI Helpline on 0808 801 0434, or email

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Our mission is to end the pain and suffering caused by eating disorders. Our national Helpline exists to encourage and empower people to get help quickly, because we know the sooner someone starts treatment, the greater their chance of recovery. People can contact us online or by phone 365 days a year. We listen to them, help them to understand the illness, and support them to take positive steps towards recovery. We also support family and friends, equipping them with essential skills and advice, so they can help their loved ones recover whilst also looking after their own mental health.

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