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Super Oxygenation Breathing

08 February 2023

There are many potential benefits associated with this breathing technique including heightened immunity, enhanced focus and an increase in energy.

Catherine Wells

Catherine Wells

Occupational Therapist

Today we are exploring the benefits of Super Oxygenation Breathing, which is a more advanced technique, you may recognise it as the Wim Hof Method, Hyperventilation Breathing or Tummo Breathing in Tibetan Buddhism, all of which are similar. It’s been around for a very long time.

There are many potential benefits associated with this breathing technique including heightened immunity, enhanced focus and an increase in energy.



What Is It?

Simply, it is lots of big inhales and lots of smaller exhales. This triggers a stress response within the body.

I Thought A Stress Response Was A Bad Thing?

High levels of stress over a long period of time is often referred to as “Chronic Stress”. Chronic stress is bad for us, the research is really sound on that. We know that can create problems for our mental & physical health in many ways.

But, this breathing technique initiates a short burst stress response, which initiates an acute spike of adrenalin in your body.

How Can It Help?

The body’s stress response is generic. Your body responds in the same way whether you have cut your leg, met a bear in the woods, or are experiencing psychological stress, like anxiety.

Regardless, the same functions are taking place within the body, a mobilisation of energy, a shutting or slowing down of some systems and a quickening of other systems.

Boost Your Immune System

The spike of adrenalin, tricks our body into defence mode, enhancing our immune response. It’s saying “I could be injured, there could be bacteria, there could be a virus”.

This is a great practice to do when you feel run down, or like something is working on you.

Boost Your Energy

In response your body will enter a mode that mimics a primal response that says “Prepare to flee, to endure, or to fight”.

If you are feeling tired, sluggish or fatigued, this breathwork exercise can really give you a bit of get up and go.

Boost Your Focus

The body’s response can also increase oxygen to the brain, improving concentration. When you are in this acute stress response, we may not be able to see the big picture but our focus will become more enhanced, and cognitive ability can be improved to solve a specific problem.

Want To Try It?

I would encourage anybody who is interested to have a look at some online resources, videos or the Wim Hoff app on these exercises as there are lots of free guided exercises using this technique.

Check out the WIM HOF WEBSITE or APP for more information and resources.



Please check with your GP before you engage in this particular exercise, as it can cause problems for anybody with cardiovascular, or pulmonary issues, glaucoma, or severe anxiety for example (this could trigger a panic attack). So please do get advice before hand.


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