LGBTQIASupporting Someone - Coming Out

Supporting Someone: Coming Out

27 June 2023

When they come out, be the rock they need. Learn the dos and don'ts of providing love, acceptance, and understanding.

Emma Doran

Emma Doran

Counsellor @ uHub Therapy Centre

When someone decides to “come out” and share their sexuality, it can be a daunting experience for that person. They may have been thinking about coming out to you for quite some time, and are scared that the response may be negative. If a loved one comes out to you and shares with you their sexuality, the most important thing is to show acceptance and non judgement.  

Here are some do’s and don’ts if a loved one comes out to you



  • Listen quietly and carefully, don’t interrupt what they’re saying.
  • Thank them for being open and trusting you.
  • Reassure them that you love and accept them and that nothing has changed.
  • Educate yourself- if you are unsure about terminology or something that they have said , do some research and don’t be afraid to respectfully ask questions, they will appreciate that you are trying to learn.
  • Give them comfort. Comforting words or a hug go a long way and for some people they will be scared or anxious so this may be appreciated! 



  • Be judgemental.
  • Use phrases such as “are you sure” – phrases like this can be invalidating. The individual may have been questioning their sexuality for a while and this phrase can be harmful and cause anxiety.
  • Say things like “I already knew” or “I’m not surprised” again these phrases can invalidate the personal journey that person has been on.
  • Make inappropriate comments or jokes or ask invasive questions.
  • Do not share their sexuality with anyone else. They will tell other people if and when they are ready it is not yours to share. 

Be a source of comfort, understanding, and acceptance for your loved ones. Let's make Northern Ireland a place where everyone feels celebrated! 

This video below shows more ways in which you can support someone who comes out to you. 🌈💙



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