Get MindfulGratitude - Story Practice

Gratitude - Story Practice

20 February 2023

We are a species of storytellers. Stories are at the centre of human existence. This is one of the reasons that this gratitude practice using the power of story has been seen to be one of the most powerful and effective gratitude practices.

Catherine Wells

Catherine Wells

Occupational Therapist

The more you practise this, the stronger and faster the effects become.

Try to choose your story.


Think of a meaningful time that somebody was genuinely grateful for something you did for them and you were on the receiving end of thanks. 

  1. The first time you do this practice, write three bullet points about this story. Firstly- what the struggle was, secondly, what the help was and finally, how this impacted you emotionally.

  2. Deeply reflect on the story and feel the feelings and emotion involved and the genuine experience of gratitude. 

  3. Do this a few times a week, for 1-3 minutes each time. Each time you do this, remind yourself of those bullet points and use them as triggers for reflection. Remember to use the same story!


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