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Meditation - Yoga Nidra

16 June 2023

Yoga Nidra translates as “sleeping yoga”. It is practiced lying down, in comfort and stillness. As the name suggests - it is a wonderful meditation to support sleep.

Catherine Wells

Catherine Wells

Occupational Therapist

You cannot practice Yoga Nidra incorrectly, all you have to do is follow the voice that is guiding you. 


What are the Benefits of Yoga Nidra?

  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Initiates a nervous system relaxation response
  • The deep state of rest gives the body the opportunity to rest, restore and heal. 
  • Reduces chronic pain
  • Reduces PMS symptoms
  • Improves sleep and reduces insomnia


Watch and save this video for a 12 minute yoga nidra meditation, where our occupational therapist and yoga teacher Catherine will guide you through a yoga nidra in the form of a full body relaxation with a visualisation to relax you and ready you for sleep. 



Enjoy, let us know in the comments section of the video if you make it to the end awake! 

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