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Nature: Why it's Essential to Wellbeing

15 May 2024

Let’s delve into the incredible relationship between nature and our well-being. And now, backed by science, we know it's the real deal. 

Catherine Wells

Catherine Wells

Occupational Therapist

This isn't a new idea; thinkers from ancient times to the present have sung nature's praises for its positive impact on us. 

In today's fast-paced world, where stress seems to lurk around every corner, reconnecting with nature is not just a luxury but a necessity. Nature isn't just nice; it's essential for our physical, emotional, cognitive, and even spiritual health. 


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So, why does nature have such a profound effect on us?


Well, let's talk theories.


1. Biophilia

First up, there's biophilia. This fancy term suggests that we're hard wired to love nature because, well, we are nature. Throughout our evolution, we've been deeply connected to our natural surroundings. It's only recently, with our move towards urban living, that we've drifted away from this primal bond. 


2. Restorative Attention

Then there's the attention restoration theory, which explains why a walk in the woods can clear our minds and help us focus. Nature offers a kind of soft fascination that allows our brains to relax while still staying engaged. It's like watching the waves; they're predictable yet ever so captivating, giving our minds the break they crave. 

3. Stress Reduction 

And let's not forget about the stress reduction theory. Just being in nature can work wonders for our stress levels, by reducing cortisol levels. The sight of greenery alone has been shown to calm our nerves, highlighting the deep-seated connection between us and the natural world.

Tips for Bringing Nature into Your Life

 But hey, we've only scratched the surface here. In the weeks ahead, we'll be sharing some practical tips and tricks for bringing more nature into your life. Whether it's forest bathing or simply bringing the outdoors in, there are countless ways to tap into nature's healing powers.

So, check in on the Inspire Me Blog in the coming weeks as we explore the magic of nature and discover how it can make our lives happier and healthier. 

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