Get MindfulGuided Grounding Visualisation Meditation

Beginners: Guided Grounding Visualisation Meditation

15 January 2024

Can you get to grass, barefoot for about 5 minutes? Then this short meditation is for you. Visualisation Meditations hit differently, especially for those of us that struggle with standard meditation.

Visualisation meditations are a type of meditation that requires concentrating on a mental image to help focus and calm the mind and body. This type of meditation practice may be especially beneficial for those who struggle with focus or stillness as having an image to focus on can really give us something to help hold our attention.



Try each of these stages for at least 30 seconds 😊 Ready?


Nature Embrace

1. Go and stand on the grass, barefoot. Close your eyes. 

2. Feel the breeze on your skin; soak in the sounds and scents around you.


Foot Focus

3. Shift your attention downward to your feet.

4. Feel the ground beneath, noticing its texture, it's firmness and how wonderfully it supports you.


Root Connection

5. Picture roots growing from your feet, reaching deep into the earth.

6. With each exhale imagine those roots stretch and strengthen deep into the ground beneath your feet.


Earth's Energy Boost

7. With each inhale, visualise drawing up from the earth whatever you need at this time. 

8. It could be calm vibes, a sprinkle of hope, a dash of peace, or a shot of strength. Picture it like a beautiful colour spreading through your whole being. What colour is it?


How was that? This grounding visualisation is your quick ticket to feeling a little more calmness in your day. Feel free to revisit this mini-escape whenever the chaos of life gets a bit much. And hey, making visualisation meditation a regular thing could be your secret weapon for keeping that inner balance and focus.

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