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Therapists can help us deal with life’s struggles, whether it’s our relationships, self-confidence, negative thought patterns or learning new ways to self manage.

Our team of therapists share their experience and guidance on the different ways we can resolve issues with our mental and emotional health, including exploring what different therapies offer.

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I Find It Really Hard to Be Present or Mindful, Any Advice for Beginners?
Emma Doran

Mindfulness is the foundation of self-compassion.

Why Can’t I Access CBT if I Have Complex PTSD

CBT can be accessed by someone with CPTSD, but this will often depend on where you have tried to access CBT and also on your individual situation.

I Have OCD - How Do I Get This Under Control?
Cara Swanson

In this blog, Cara Swanston answers an anonymous question on living with OCD.

Ask a Therapist: I'm Questioning my Sexuality
Emma Doran

The realisation that you may have feelings for someone of the same sex can create a whirlwind of worries. 

Ask A Therapist: Do I drink too much?

How do I tell when it’s time to make a change or get help?

Anxiety: Orient to Safety

A user Joined the Conversation by asking for a practice that helps reduce anxiety. Catherine Wells, Occupational Therapist suggests giving Orienting a go.


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