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Nature: The Sit Spot

15 May 2024

A sit spot is a favourite place in nature that you visit regularly to cultivate awareness as you expand your senses and study patterns of nature. It can become like an anchor in your life. 

It is a place to settle, to notice, to practise presence and to observe the flow of life happening around you. 

A sit spot can allow you to pause, give you space away from the business of life, and allow you to forge a closer connection with nature.

To begin a sit spot practice pick a special spot in nature that you can visit regularly. By choosing one place outside that you visit over and over again, it teaches you to develop the most ancient parts of human awareness.

Know that this is “your place” and over time you will form a connection to it. 

Now, let's set the mood. Tell yourself you're gonna ditch that mental chatter and just be in the moment. Phone goes off, journal or notebook close by for any brainwaves you wanna jot down, and if time tends to slip away from you, set a timer for 30 minutes.


  • Take some time to observe your surroundings.

  • Open your senses - notice what you can hear, from far away sounds, to closer ones.

  • Notice any sensations in the places you are in contact with the earth or your seat, maybe you would even like to take your shoes off, or grab a handful of earth or sand? Take your shoes off?

  • How does the air feel on your face, or the rain, or the sun? 

  • What can you smell? 

  • What can you see? Notice what is going on in nature. What’s happening with the sea, plants, stones, flowers, sky or animals? Can you see any changes since your last visit? 

  • What’s the level of activity like? Do you see any faces you recognize? Observe body language.

  • Repeat your sit spot meditation at different times of day, and night, at different times of year, in different weathers, and when you are in different moods. 

The point of this practice is about tuning in, rather than zoning out. Breathe calmly when you are there, and allow yourself to be immersed in your little slice of nature. When your attention wanders, compassionately draw it back to the present moment.

The more time you spend in your Sit Spot, the more you will notice your surroundings. By returning to the same sit spot over time you might observe the changing seasons, changing textures, new growth, new decay, new animals, smaller things, tiny details and stuff you have previously overlooked. 

Last but not least, remind yourself: you're not just a spectator here. You're part of this big, beautiful world; ever changing, marvellous and complex.

If try this and really enjoy it, you should totally try out Forest Bathing too!

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